"I know what it is like to lose, to win, to want to quit, to want to cry, to not want to get up.  I know what it is like to hear the cheers and yells for you.  I know what it is like to feel the pressure of everyone on your shoulders, and I know what it is like to choke under the pressure.  I know what it means to be an athlete, a true player, and that is why I play.  I AM AN ATHLETE, A CHAMPION, A TRUE PLAYER"

    - An Athlete's Pride

    O'Fallon Panthers Varsity Schedule

    Volleyball Schedule and Results
    03/27Granite CityOTHS4:30PM  
    04/03Belleville WestOTHS4:30PM  
    04/07Rockwood Summit TourneyRockwoodTBA  
    04/12East St. LouisOTHS4:30PMV ONLY 
    04/14Fort Zumwalt South TourneyZumwalt SouthTBA  
    04/14JV Tourney Parkway NorthParkway NorthTBA  
    04/17Belleville EastEast4:30PM  
    04/26VARSITY ONLY MaristOTHS6:00PM  
    04/28Lafayette InvitationalLafayette HSTBA  
    04/30JV ONLY Metro East LutheranMetro East Lutheran4:30PM  
    05/02JV ONLY Fr. McGivneyOTHS4:30PM  
    05/03Belleville WestBelleville West4:30PM  
    05/04OTHS InviteOTHSTBA  
    05/05OTHS InviteOTHSTBA  
    05/08East St. LouisEast St. Louis4:30PMV ONLY 
    05/09Granite CityGranite City4:30PM  
    05/15JV ONLY Fr. McGivneyFr. McGivney6:00PM  
    05/16Belleville EastOTHS4:30PM